Engage India

It is now time to explore other parts of the world. India in particular. We typically start with a global strategy assessment, before identifying target countries for markets, sourcing, investments or trade. If you have already decided on India or wish to explore further, do read on…

We can help with Marketing to India and elements of Doing Business in India including policy intervention. Essential to all of these is optimal risk mitigation. With our expertise in India market assessments grounded in primary and secondary research, we can build a solid business case for you, followed by flawless execution and guidance through the entire process.

Industry focus areas have included the following practice areas, but we provide broad sourcing, market sizing and due diligence.

India Strategy – The Value Proposition

One of Quanta’s core practice areas is insightful marketing recommendations for globalization – with specific expertise in India Go-To-Market strategies and alliances.

We have helped clients with:

  • Creative Marketing & Positioning Strategies
  • Policy Assessment and Intervention
  • Optimal Sourcing Models
  • Partnerships & Relationships with Stakeholders
  • Competitive Intelligence and Global Trend Assessment
  • Non-Traditional Approaches and Marketing Channels

We offer research, data mining and data analytics services to help convert data to actionable information  …and help you make sound business, marketing & investment decisions.

India Sourcing

Practice areas span both products and services.  This applies to software/IT and a range of business processes that play an essential role in the regular operations of your business. On the goods areas, we leverage our partners who specialize in specific areas of logistics, supply chain, customs, risk and distribution channels.

Our strong knowledge of India along with risk mitigation enable optimal options. Our rigorous methodology analyzes the following key issues, and ensures that your expectations are consistently being met:

  • Infrastructure & Operating Costs
  • Quality & Timeliness
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Geographical & Political Environment
  • Intellectual Property & Data Security
  • Customer Perception
  • Financial & Tax Incentives in Target Country
  • Offshore Employee Turnover & Retention

Our Strategic Sourcing Practice enables sound global decisions built on a solid business case. Your ideal solution may be a captive operation, a contract with overseas & domestic vendors, or a hybrid model. Quanta ensures discreet & comprehensive business analyses to ensure the best decisions.

India Deals

We help craft the optimal mix of investment, strategic partners, and a killer team. Our networks span all these areas and we can enable access to funding for your India growth. Apart from investors, subsidies and government programs go a long way in ensuring success with minimal start up costs. Our India & US partners in the government and private sector can provide additional support.

Do reach out to us for a conversation!