About Us

Quanta Consulting offers advisory services in globalization strategy, India markets, sourcing, and investments. For over a decade, Quanta has been providing solid expertise in India Strategy & Execution for US Corporations interested in India market entry, sourcing, investment – and broad globalization. Quanta Consulting has strong US and India networks and has presented essential events such as the India Trade Conference in Los Angeles.

Our India & US teams enable client success, through the right mix of maximizing value, mitigating risk, and enabling optimal long term partnerships. We serve as your trusted advisor and represent your interests.

Quanta Consulting works closely with governmental agencies and partners to ensure optimal support and seamless processes in meeting your objectives. Our global team stands ready. We bring new perspective and  greater value to your global markets, investment and trade decisions.  Essential global consulting expertise…



The Quanta team is composed of skilled professionals with expertise in insight, oversight and foresight. Skills include strategy, globalization, business analysis, sourcing, technology, and product development. We also leverage leading experts to render creative cost-effective value.

Quanta’s management has global experience and a strong track record in providing leadership & vision at top companies and ventures. Our wealth of experience across multiple industries, and holistic approach, help deliver solid results for you. Our leadership team and advisors enable us to provide solid insight and execution.

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Do look for us in Chennai, Southern California and Texas apart from other spots aroung the world.  Over the years, we have provided discreet strategy guidance to high profile companies as well as edgy start-ups. Quanta Consulting is a privately held company

“Quanta Consulting” and “Crafting Your India Strategy” are service marks and trade marks of Quanta Consulting.